Winter Fence Maintenance Tips

Winter Fence Maintenance Tips

Fence Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Wood and Metal Fences in Great Shape Through the Winter

If you’re willing to follow some simple maintenance tips, there is no doubt that the fencing around your home or property can look exceptional this winter. Wood and metal fences are a great way to add privacy and distinction to any home. However, without maintenance they quickly become shabby looking. By following a maintenance routine, you can be sure that your fences always look incredible.

Keep Your Wood Fence Looking Great During Winter

Always clean off the mildew and mold that builds up on your fence. If you don’t, areas that are covered will quickly start rotting. Pressure washing is a quick and effective way to remove all the built-up bacteria and dirt that is discoloring your fence. After the fence is clean, consider applying a coat of stain or a protective seal to preserve it.

You’ll also want to remove any plants that have overgrown your fence. When overgrown plants are left unchecked, they’re capable of causing major damage. Overgrown plants cause too much excess moisture and prevent sunlight from getting through to help dry out the fence panels. Do yourself a favor and remove large, overgrown plants whenever possible.

Prep Your Metal Fence for the Cold Months

There’s no question that metal fences should be thoroughly cleaned before winter weather blows in. Be sure to remove any visible rust to prevent further rust damage. A small wire brush and a bit of elbow grease are generally good enough to remove rust spots and improve the overall look of your fence. Areas that have been scrubbed free of rust should be repainted with rust-resistant paint to slow down the rusting process.

Fences with large amounts of rust damage may need to have the entire fence repainted to restore the fence. This involves a good bit of sanding first. After the fence has been sanded, it should be painted using a primer and then a coat or two of rust-resistant paint. It’s tough work, but the end result is a fence that looks amazing. To make the job easier, you may consider hiring competent professional to complete your metal fence restoration project. They expertly handle every aspect restoring and preparing your fence for the winter.

Just like with a wood fence, you’ll want to take steps to control plant growth around your metal fence. Plants that are too large and too close to a fence cause unnecessary damage. There’s no question that fences add to the visual appeal of your property. This is why proper maintenance for the winter is the best way to keep your fence looking great all year long.

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