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Chain Link Fence Benefits

The practicality of chain link fence is undeniable. Chain link fence provides a critical layer of security for your home or business without breaking the bank. While some fencing contractors may turn their noses up at chain link fencing, we here at Patriot Fence Crafters know there are several good reasons to celebrate the blue-collar stalwart of the fencing world.

Chain Link Fence is Durable

While wooden fences have their advantages, a chain link fence doesn’t require heavy maintenance like wood. You won’t find yourself spending a weekend sanding, re-staining and finishing chain link fencing. And you won’t have to worry about termites either.

Chain link fencing holds up well under the toughest conditions. That’s because has zinc coating that prevents corrosion. So even if you live in a climate with heavy rains or snows, chain link fencing won’t fall apart on you.

Keep in mind that you can also apply vinyl coating to your chain link fencing for better weather protection.

Should your chain link fence get damaged for any reason, they are generally much easier to repair than other fencing options.

Chain Link Fence Provides Protection

You might think going with traditional chain link fence means less protection. Just because it’s more affordable, doesn’t mean it won’t keep intruders out of your yard.

Chain link fence comes in a variety of heights with options for security enhancements. You’ll be able to see out around the borders of your property without worrying about someone climbing over the fence. Plus, we can provide several different options for the style of your gates, which will lock easily to prevent someone casually passing through.

Criminals go for the easiest target they can find. Chain link fencing puts an obstacle between criminals and your home or business. Plus, it doesn’t give them cover to hide behind while they break in. Increasing the difficulty level of the crime means increasing the odds that criminals will look for easier targets elsewhere.

Chain Link Fence Looks Great

We can customize gauge thickness for you by giving you either light or very heavy gauge, so you can get the look you want. If you want added security and more privacy to see through, the heavier gauge may be your best bet. You can get vinyl coating in green or black to change the look of the fence or you can add slates, which come in a variety of colors.

Chain Link Fence is Affordable

Chain link fencing a low-cost fencing option as they can cost as little as a third of the price of wood or vinyl fencing. This can make chain link fencing ideal for individuals on a budget, and/or it can be good for those who have a large property to fence in.

Chain Link Fence is Easy to Maintain

Chain link fences require much less maintenance than other fencing options, which can be beneficial for those with busy schedules. After installation, chain link fences merely require periodic washing with soapy water to keep them looking new. Simple maintenance practices will keep these fences in good condition for years to come.

After a harsh winter, you also won’t have to worry about repairing damage caused by Mother Nature. A simple high-pressure hose with water and a brush can remove any stains that extreme weather left behind. It takes no more than a few minutes and doesn’t anything overly physical.

Chain Link Fence Gives Peace of Mind

If you have children that like to outside, you may want to keep them contained. At young ages, there’s always a danger of children darting out into the street or an unsafe area without much warning. It’s a lot harder to keep that from happening when there is nothing stopping them. Chain Link Fencing can be the barrier you need. You can let the kids play in the backyard with the assurance that they don’t have easy access to danger.

Chain Link Fence Makes Great Dog Runs

Many homeowners use chain link fencing to keep their dog in a specific area. It is easy to turn the side of a home into a dog run, or surround an area of your backyard with one to create a secure box. If you lack a full fence, want to protect a garden or just don’t want the dog digging up the entire backyard, chain link fencing offers a great option.

Chain link fencing is easy to move around or expand if you desire. Since it is not hard to remove the posts from the ground, you can relocate the dog run to different areas. For instance, you may be interested in giving your dog plenty of shade in the summer, but in the winter you can relocate your chain link fence to an area that gets more natural sunlight.

It is a surefire way to protect your dog, not only from getting outside, but from what can get inside. For example, an altercation with another neighborhood dog can lead to severe injuries, but knowing that they are protected by a chain link fence can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Dogs need exercise, and sometimes even one or two walks each day is not enough to stimulate them. Instead of keeping them inside and letting their energy get built-up, you can create a dog run so they can run around and stay entertained with all of the sights and smells that are outside.

Once you choose a chain link fence, you’ll see that going back to the basics usually has more advantages than you remembered. Regardless, we can build you any fence you want. At Patriot Fence Crafters, we’re a leader in custom-designed fences. That includes designing ones chain link fencing with real aesthetic appeal. Contact us so we can get started helping you design a fence that you absolutely need. Don’t underestimate the power of a traditional fence in both appearance and keeping your property safe. Contact us today for a FREE estimate!

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