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Aluminum Fence Benefits

Wood fencing can call itself a classic, and wrought iron sure thinks it’s hot stuff, but neither one can compare with aluminum fence. Whether you need to enclose a residential, commercial, or industrial space, aluminum fencing will work beautifully. It’s strong, reliable, and requires very little maintenance. So if you were set on a wood or wrought iron fence, we urge you to consider aluminum as a worthwhile alternative. And if you’re wary (assuming aluminum won’t boast the same benefits as wood and wrought iron), just read on. The many benefits of aluminum fencing may surprise you.

Benefits of Aluminum Fence

1. Versatility. Aluminum fencing can be adjusted to fit your landscape, so you can use it on flat surfaces as well as sloped land without worrying about ugly gaps and awkward transitions. Plus, many manufacturers can create custom designs to fit your spatial needs. Aluminum fencing is also great for modular wall fencing because it can be built to different height specifications and topped with spikes for security, all while following local code.

2. Affordability. Especially when compared with wrought iron and steel, aluminum fencing is very affordable. Although it looks as gorgeous and regal as wrought iron, it is much more readily available and it’s cheaper to manufacture. Plus, although its upfront cost is more than most wood fences, unlike wood, it doesn’t require additional upkeep costs and maintenance. It is a one-time investment that will last for decades without replacement. Consider it an investment in your property, and be sure that the fence comes with a strong warranty for peace of mind.

3. Durability. Chemically, aluminum is not very vulnerable to corrosion, so unlike iron, aluminum fencing will not rust. It also won’t rot or fade, so you don’t need to worry about moisture or sunlight damaging it over time. Whether attacked by ice, hail, rain, snow, sunlight, or termites, your aluminum fence will stand strong. This is one of the best benefits of aluminum fencing, because it means you’re getting a great value for your money.

4. Low-Maintenance. You do not need to repaint or re-stain an aluminum fence, unlike wrought iron and wood. Aluminum fencing is covered in a powder paint coating during manufacturing, which fuses the paint to the metal surface, so that the fence will last for decades without showing wear. Although you may need to hose down the fence from time to time (if you want it to be spotless), regular maintenance isn’t necessary. Compare this to a wood fence, which will likely require a preservative, a sealant, and a stain or paint . . .

5. Environmentally Friendly. Although not all aluminum fences are green, it is easy to find aluminum fencing made from recycled materials if that’s what you prefer. These products are made from used aluminum, so you won’t be losing any benefits when it comes to quality and strength. And because aluminum fencing requires little to no maintenance, you will not waste resources purchasing paints or stains.

6. Safety. Aluminum fences are often used for important, utilitarian purposes (as opposed to aesthetics), so safety and reliability are crucial. For example, your fence may act as a barrier, confining your pets or children to a certain area within your yard. Or it could surround a pool or hot tub, securing the area and protecting adults, kids, and animals who might take a dip accidentally or without supervision (if this is the case, be sure to review pool fence codes as well). Whatever its use, you can count on your aluminum fence to remain secure in the ground. To ensure that your fence is safe, be sure to choose a high-quality fencing product and have it properly installed.

7. Sloping Ability. If the fence will be located on a slope, which is quite common, its ability to curve with the landscape will be crucial. It must have the ability to rack, which means that it will adjust to the slope without stair-stepped sections. A racked fence hugs the land, so there won’t be gaps or holes between the fence and the ground, and the top of the fence will be continuous. Not only does this create a more polished appearance, but it also prevents pets and other critters from slipping beneath the fence.

8. Beauty. With all of the different colors and styles available, aluminum fencing will be a welcome and beautiful addition to any yard. It provides all the elegance and stateliness of iron without the cost, maintenance, and rust. Many aluminum fences have hidden picket fasteners and lack unsightly screws as well, creating a more refined finish. The powder coating will retain its beauty no matter what the weather brings, and you will have many color and texture options to choose from.

Which Style Aluminum Fence Work Best for Certain Homes or Businesses?

As we’ve mentioned before, aluminum fences come in a vast array of attractive style. So choosing the right one for a particular home or business may seem overwhelming at first. However, it doesn’t have to be with our expert team on the job. We have over 30 years experience pairing aluminum fences with various design schemes and would be happy to share our expertise with you and yours.

What Else Needs to Be Said About Aluminum Fence?

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